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Tom Cancelleri

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7 hours ago, K Cooper said:

Tom, as I've never seen that much snow, much less have to live with, seriously, what is the next step? Wait for it to melt or there are snow plows that come to clear it out?

The towns/counties have snow plows which will handle the streets.  Your taxes at work.  Homeowners have to deal with it themselves.  There are usually some good snow plowing services (guy with a snowplow on his pickup) that you can pay to clear your driveway for the winter.  There are also guys who are just learning and will plow over your landscaping, mailbox, etc.

You could always get a snowplow for your own pickup or lawn tractor or whatever.  Or buy a snowblower.  The trick with any of the above approaches is to clear the snow before it gets too high, even if that means you have to clear it while the snow is still coming down.  When I lived in NH there were a few storms when I had to snow blow 3 or 4 times during the 2 days the snow kept falling.

Shoveling that much snow by hand is doable but it *REALLY* sucks.

Depending on the weather and shade conditions, the sun might help or it might be weeks before it melts.

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