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If I do not have a project in mind it is all determined by the quality of the wood or grain. I have a piece of bural white oak that I have been holding onto for 5 years. it is only 1/2' thick and irregular in size about 3-4" but the grain is amazing and almost sparkles. just this week i had a project that fit it perfectly! but then I have scraps of 2-3BF of strait grained oak that i give to a turning friend of mine. I rarely throw things out but find people that will use them and ask them to come over from time to time to help clean the shop.

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1 hour ago, Brendon_t said:

I've got a milk crate for small, scraps.  If the bin is full,  it goes. Under 3" wide must be 24" long.  Under 6"wide,  18" minimum. 

I sift  through the small scraps pretty often. So there usually isn't junk in there.  

See that seems like a smart plan.

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It'll depend on what you like to make... rip offcuts can make picture frames, even small cutoffs can make knife scales.  Stuff that is useless for furniture can become tool handles.  If it is pretty or expensive I'm more tolerant.  Pieces of 2x4 get chucked more easily. 

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I had a milk crate full of Heart Pine offcuts from tenon cheeks that were about 1/4 x 2 x 2.  The only reason the guys that work for me didn't take them home for kindling was that they were "too small to mess with".  There were several hundred in the box I expect.  We used most of them on a reeded mantle project that had a bunch of little angled intersecting reeded pieces, and they were the perfect thickness and size without doing anything else to them other than mitering and shooting the edges.

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I keep a lot of little pieces for making plugs and sometimes small inlays or repairs. Usually down to about 3"X 3" if it's a wood I use a lot of like maple, an interesting looking piece with flaming or quilting, or is something unusual like Purple Heart.


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