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About 30 years ago I purchased a small European bench which looked nice in the catalog ad, but ended up being smaller than I really wanted and not heavy enough to provide a good solid work surface. I used it for a while, but it finally ended up just being a horizontal surface for storing "stuff". I also found it to be a bit lower than I found comfortable for a work surface. Still, it had some nice features, including both a shoulder and a tail vice and some useful storage capabilities (both drawers and a storage area with a door. A few weeks ago I started working on a new bench which would be mated with the European bench. The top 3" thick work surface is maple. I'd milled a maple log for a friend who was after only sap wood for legs for chairs, I kept the material that was partially or entirely heartwood. Having both white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood. I tried to alternate red and white in the top. The legs and stretchers are a combination of some maple, red elm and white oak. The European bench is raised about two inches to be at the same level as the new bench, and will be bolted to the back of the new bench. The new bench will be outfitted with a shelf on the upper stretchers, and a set of full-extension drawers between the upper and lower stretchers.There might also be a set of drawers beneath the vice-end overhang.  As you can see, the new bench is also outfitted with a Veritas twin-screw vice which I'm getting to really like. Together then benches give me a work area of about 54 inch length and 43 inch depth.



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It's ended up an unusual design. I like the face vise of the European bench but can appreciate the heft of the new bench. It also gives you a large area in total.

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