anyone looking for a Sawstop?

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33 minutes ago, Tom Cancelleri said:

Forget that Sawstop, here's some straight up hardcore Eurokit!

Oh, lookee, (this is my perception, so if I'm wrong then it's no longer funny) it has an arm for anyone who might actually be using the blade guard! :-)


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On February 15, 2016 at 6:17 AM, minorhero said:

Just pricing one out brand new, looks to be 3100 off of the sawstop website. Then comes with an extra regular brake cartridge and an extra dado cartridge. Call that another 150, so the deal is 750 off the new price. Its better then nothing but not exactly the deal of the century to give up on a warranty. I will probably be buying a sawstop soon, but I live in maryland and don't want to travel that far as well. What I really want is for them to run their free mobile base promotion again.

Depending where in MD you are located, the Woodcraft store near Wilmington, DE may be an option. No sales tax and if you pick up the saw there is no delivery charge. In DEC15 I had a family event in Wilmington, we swung by the WC store on the home trip. I had sent a deposit on a Sawstop about a month earlier and it was waiting for me when we rolled in. Drawback is that you need 3 or 4 stout friends or some lifting equipment to get the saw unloaded. 

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I actually got mine for $550 less than new, but had never been used. Guy bought it then his work sent him overseas for a couple years. he had set it up, but never ran a board through it. After owning it, I chock the extra cost to insurance etc and the like. Its probably the one part of the cost that my wife approved of.

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