Old-growth H. Mahogany


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Two weeks ago I received a shipment of old-growth, river-salvaged H. Mahogany from Greener Lumber, LLC. These boards are all from the same log. In 2012 I had received two planks from this log. [See image of computer desk made from one of them.] Now the family is reunited. Wonderful ribboned and other figuring. Rough sawn to 1-1/8 inch thick this stock is heavier and tougher than typical Mahogany. I've begun work on a cabinet as the next build with this awesome material. The cabinet will be used to safely store my prized THE BOOK OF PLATES published by Lost Art Press. A while ago Rich (of Greener Lumber) posted a short gallery bio and pix of projects I've created using his Mahogany. Check out: http://www.greenerlumber.com/?page_id=327


IMG_1777 small.jpg




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6 hours ago, JosephThomas said:

Looks nice. What did it cost per board foot? Can't seem to get the store on their site or any prices to show up...

The smaller boards are about $15 bd/ft it seems  

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Thanks, Eric. I hadn't been in the forum for a few years. Yesterday I had a query on a 2012 post so here I am.

Joseph, their site is not the most reliable. The ONLINE STORE link is working for me today. I generally don't think of b.f. cost but Mike is right about the general pricing. There is variability due to "desirability" or issues which might warrant a downward adjustment. Not inexpensive but I enjoy working with material with a story. 

Show & Tell time. Images of a dresser I built last year (2015). Top and drawer fronts are of that sinker H. Mahogany. The drawer pulls are sinker Sapodilla also from Greener Lumber. I ordered a board long time ago by mistake. Much harder than Mahogany but works to very nice finish. Remainder of the Mahogany from Shannon Rogers (Hardwood to Go) and local dealer, Soboba. Drawer sides & backs of Sugar Pine. Drawer bottoms and back slats of cedar. I don't generally mix so many species, but chest of drawers are different animal.

On top of the dresser but not designed to be there as its final destination is a circular shelf unit of Walnut and black-milk-painted Poplar. A very challenging piece. Execution not great. Glue up was awful even with dry testing. Adding glue increased the challenge. Probably should have used epoxy to give time and slipperiness. Next time...

For blog posts and pix of the dresser build, check out: http://tombuhldesigns.com/toms-chest-of-drawers-completed

Circular shelf: http://tombuhldesigns.com/circular-shelf-unit-2015-completed





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