cope and stick glass retaining strips

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On a recent cabinet project I had  four sections that would include glass center panels.  The retaining strips would be 1/4" high, and I wasn't looking forward to mitering the strips' ends for tight-fitting corner joints. Using some left-over pieces of the same material (oak) as the rest of the project, I cut some fairly wide pieces to the exact width and height of the openings. From the shorter of the two I shaped the edges using the same rail and stile shaper set used on the rest of the project. I then ripped off the shaped edges, yielding square-end  profiled retaining strips of the width of the opening, and fastened them in place. For the longer strip I first coped the ends before shaping the edges, then ripped off the profiled edge for the stile retaining strips. The edges of the "scrap" pieces could then be jointed/profiled/ripped for successive retaining strips. The end result was neatly coped corners on the inside of the panels of the same profile as on the rails and stiles on their face  side.

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unfortunately my shapers right now are set up with "Shaker" rail and stile cutters for a job currently being built. Would be much better demonstration with the quarter-round edge profile more commonly used.

First picture is view of the coped end, showing the profile.

Second picture the back side "lip" which would normally extend over the back side of the panel has been removed as would be the case for a glass pane.

Third picture the front side edge from the "scrap" piece with squared ends clamped in place

Fourth picture the front side edge from the "scrap" piece with coped end has been added.  Had the edge profile been the common quarter-round this would look much more like a 45 degree mitered joint.






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