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On February 22, 2016 at 7:28 PM, K Cooper said:

I'm as out of place reading this thread as a Baptist preacher would be in a bar reading a Penthouse mag. The only thing organized in my shop is a set of drill bits that hasn't been opened yet!

They don't read, they just look at the pictures :)

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Fully agree that an organized and orderly work area is a safe work area.  Some folks seem to thrive on clutter like its a badge of honor.  No problem, knock yourself out ;-)

I can go from having quite a bit of stuff out to everything in its place in pretty short order.  I like being able to actually reach over and pick up the tool off the bench that I am using without digging through the pile of tools from the previous 3 phases of the project that I don't need any more.

To each their own.  I don't go the kaizan (sp?) foam route but, I do have slots ad hangers and drawers for things and only those things that go in there . . . er . . . go in there.

Storage-brn-cab-redo (4).jpgPlane Till evolution (3).jpg


Of course you should build drawers into any tool base that does not come with them.  I don't have the real estate in my shop for tool bases that don't include storage.


TS drawers (35).jpg


G0529 Cab (22).jpg

Organization is sort of a constant state of evolution for me.  I need room to work and if I pile stuff up everywhere, I can't get anything done without tripping over my own big feet.

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@gee-dub those are some great ideas! I would like to build storage at my drill press.


Lately I have been building my workbench, but here in the next week or so I am going to start building a deck around my pool that will take me a while. With that being said I won't be getting any shop time for a while, but I can't wait to start organizing it.

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