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Just found these at a garage sale. Guy was supper cool and helpful. I needed a number 5, and got two. One has a chip/break taking out the side of the boddy. Going to make that one a scrub plane. Paid $30 total for all.

2-stanley/baily #5

1-stanley #220 block plane

1-stanley #? block plane

1-???   small block plane

I will post pics as I break them down and try to restore them. 


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1 hour ago, Derek said:

Good score. The older No. 5 is is worth the $30. Looks you got a No. 102image.thumb.jpeg.ef9d2274e633864c582b218

The other  block plane that looks similar to the 220 is probably a copy. Hard to say with out better pics.

Going for the blue paint again?

Good info, thanks. Wheen I resore the block planes will take tons of pics.

1 hour ago, Tom Cancelleri said:

Excellent! I haven't used Metal Rescue, interested to see how it works. I've restored a few hand planes, if the Japanning is in good shape, a rust removal bath is the way to go.

I used metal  rescue  on my other planes. Works great, just takes a few days. As it is water based. 

The number 4


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