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As some as you might know, last week I received Milwaukee's OneKey impact/hammer drill set. After months of waiting for its release and the amount I spent on it, I was disappointed with the fit of the battery on one of the drills. I guess I was expecting the same quality along the lines of BCTW or Lie-Nielson. After scouring the web for similar issues and reading the comments on it, it seems it's not that uncommon or an issue for concern. I checked a few of the drills at work, most if not all had similar issues. So I decided to give it another shot. So found a HD with the set in stock and made my way up there. I took the only one left on the shelf. While waiting in line to check out I noticed the stickie note on the box, free 5.0 ah battery w/ charger with purchase. With the extra battery that brings the cost down, comparatively, to the M18 Fuel brushless hammer drill/ impact set.



So without turning this post into an autobiography ...

First impressions. What can I say, who doesn't like new tools? The bright colors, all the little buttons, the different parts, I even love that new car smell. The impact felt good in my hand. Even with the monster 5.0 ah battery it is well balanced. The hammer drill is another story, it is top heavy, even with the battery connected. According to my bathroom scale this brute comes in at almost six pounds. The drill comes with a handle that connects securely to the top of the drill by the means of two threaded dovetail keys. Not including app customizations there is 78 different settings for the drill. Each drill has 4 individual Bluetooth enabled settings.

Pros. I was looking for an upgrade in power and I got (My other drill, a M12, couldn't cut it when it came too using larger hole saws). The responsiveness of the triggers are great. The motors are brushless. More power, less battery drain. The hard case is nice. I like the many non-Bluetooth options for the drill. There's one for hammer drilling, one for screws, for regular drilling and the Bluetooth setting. There is 13 settings on the clutch. One of my favorites when you set the drill on the "Screw" setting with the clutch set low the drill will "slow start" so you don't cam out of the screw and mar your work. Which happens more often then I like to admit. The retention of the battery is excellent. Miles above the M12 series. 0613bbf3edb13ae314ed1a4b147f9875.jpgAlthough the options are limited, I think the OneKey concept has a lot of potential. I like that I can change the responsiveness of the trigger and the duration of the work light. I think these features would truly shine if you had a lot of repetitive holes/screws in different media. Like Ron Popeil "Set it and Forget". Might try seeing if I could dial it in accurately/repetitive using as a torque wrench.

Cons. It's expensive. Although with the extra battery evens the price out somewhat. It's gimmicky. Do I need the infinite possibilities of torque/speed ratios these drills offer. Absolutely not. The is hammer drill is heavy, most are, cuts back on the vibration. The more parts something has, the greater the possibility of something breaking. The battery is slightly loose. It's not noticeable unless you either shake the drill violently or try twisting it while attached.

All in all I'm happy with my purchase. I needed the upgrade. I bought this set for work. I build and install cabinets here in South Florida. A lot of places the walls are cinder block so Tap-cons are a must. My M12 wasn't cutting it. After a few holes for plumbing and outlets I'd have to change out batteries. I've used the set over the last couple of days at the shop and I've only lost one bar of juice from the hammer drill. I see being able to set the LED to stay on like a flashlight will be helpful too. Hopefully Milwaukee will be able to implement something similar to what Dewalt has with their Bluetooth batteries.

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8 hours ago, JosephThomas said:

Cool, keep us posted on how long the bluetooth receiver inside that hammer drills lasts...

Lol. Maybe that's why they pushed the release date back so many times. That's what warranties are for.

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