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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

I'm suspicious that "Hans" is relying heavily on google to translate. His native-language statement may hold an entirely different meaning.

You're probably right Ross. We're so use to seeing "Made in China" and he probably never sees "Made in America".  Wish we could change that!

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Mr K  Cooper , I am Hans ,  I did not use the "Made in USA " products before  but buy some products from USA market .

About the products I bought ,  it looks better packing than China local brand . You know a lot China factory manager do not know English well , do not have enough profit to hire a man to just do the packing design job like US company ,  always just do the OEM factory for foreign company without permission to laser the logo on the products , that is why I can not judge which quality is better just from its packing cause I am not 100% sure they are Made In China or not  .

I also met a producer before who told me he sell his "Made in Germany " quality products to a customer in 80 USD and the customer sell them in 320 USD in their own brand to their customer .

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