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Hello everyone,

It has been over a year since I have been on the forum, and it is good to be back. I have a question for some of you quality woodworkers out there.

I am about to start building a dining table that can slide apart to add a leaf in the middle. Of all the tables that I have built, I have never been asked to build one that could expand.

What is some good recommendations for make the 2 sides slide, and the center still be strong. The table will be expandable to about 11' long.

I have thought about making a large single dovetail slide between the two sides, and a mortise and tenon connection for the leaf.

Please let me know your ideas, or what you have used in the past that works. I would even be interested in retail hardware if it is quality enough.


Thanks, Jeff

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Personally, I would buy the slides. You'll have plenty of work in the rest of the table. Beyond that, I am seeing real wisdom in Wdwerker's often spoken suggestion to go shopping and measure those you like. Measuring is not a furniture store sin as furniture needs to fit unique spaces. 

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Wooden slides that you can buy today have a fair amount of play in them but there is a reason for that ! If it doesn't have play it would never survive. 

I forget the place I ordered from but they are probably imported now. Measure in furniture stores then adapt to suit your needs. Slide needs to open about an inch or more than the width of the leaf so the alignment pins can clear the gap too.

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