These pictures should be self-explanatory.  They work with any honing jig.  If you have a MkII, and don't like the fiddly contraption to put on the front, this eliminates the need for it.  They set up the exact angle regardless of the thickness of a plane iron, or chisel.  As you can see, they work with any jig.  I use several different jigs for different things.  I had the standard jamb in place one for the Eclipse, but even it wasn't accurate for different thickness tools. They're actually easier to use than it looks like.  You place the point of the tool all the way in, slide the jig towards the point until it takes up all the slack, and tighten.  That's it.  You can't push any jig too far. I don't know what any of the dimensions are.  The only thing I measured was the angles.  I thought I might make one out of Corian if I liked how they worked, but the prototypes work so good there's no need for any "improvement".
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