Vintage Table Saw Dust Collection Help

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So I have a quandary.  I have a 1950s Atlas Table Saw Model 3160 (See the restoration photos here on Reddit) and I'm getting around to possibly hooking up a dust collection system.  Since the motor sticks out so far, swings out wide, and is just generally in the way I'm looking for ideas.  

Right now I'm thinking of building an outfeed table which would be more of a enclosed box around the entire back of the saw and then putting a port into the outfeed box.  What think you all?

See below for some pictures showing how far the motor lifts and swings.  Note that the bottom is an angled chute. 

Oh and I know I need a splitter or riving knife too, that is on my list.  Thanks in advance!



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Holy crap,  could they not have added a few more inches so it sat on the ground? 

Your attached outfeed table/ box is a good idea but I doubt it would be much more than a storage place for the dust to pile until you vaccine it out.

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This is the only product I know of that adds much in the way of dust collection to this kind of system. I for years had an old style unisaw that had nothing more then a door in the front used to literally shovel out the saw dust when it got too high.

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On 4/8/2016 at 9:43 PM, Tom King said:

I'm pretty sure that's exactly like the first table saw I ever used.  It might be worth trying to rig up a blade shroud instead of the big box.  It looks like it already has part of one.

I'm liking this idea, assuming you're thinking something like this:

Not that it would be as spiffy as this one but I think I might be able to rig something up.  I think this would leave plenty of space for the tilting as well since the it would be mostly below all the saw innards.


And K Cooper...I literally LOLed when I saw that.

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Sethers, I have a Jet ts with the motor enclosed in the cabinet. I have a HF dc that is connected to one machine at a time via 4" hose and dust still collects, to a small extent in the bottom of the ts. If I turn the dc on with the ts not running, it will not clear the dust off the flat bottom of the ts. Imo, the dc removes most of the suspended dust during sawing, but some still finds it's way to the bottom and not removed. Where I'm going with this is that I suspect that the item you show above will collect the dust that settles at the bottom, as the adapter is sloped, but the biggest majority will still escape into your shop thru the opening in the back. Again, just my opinion as I am by far no expert at dust collection.

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