Upstate NY - 45min North of Binghamton

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Hi all,

I'm just getting into woodworking.  My dad passed away Feb. 23rd, 2015. He was, though he would never admit it, a talented woodworker (not to mention being a jack of all trades....there didn't seem to be anything he couldn't figure out if he decided to "get the book out" and give it a try. I started getting into woodworking ~a year before he passed which led to me creating...oh about nothing.

Since then I've been working on renewing my interest and to actually accomplish something...been doing a lot of arm chair and vicarious woodworking through youtube and etc. but I'm also the father of 2 (one 2.5 years and one 8 months today) so shop time is very limited.

Anyways I'm interested in finding a local club or even just a kindred spirit in my area.  Thanks!

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It's a bit of a hike for you, but there's a club in Syracuse. Check out Sawdust and Woodchips Woodworking Association. I'm not a member, but have been to a couple of the meetings. They're really friendly people and meet once a month. The only thing that keeps me from joining is my nighttime job. 

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