Protecting Electronics from Saw dust

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Merry Christmas everybody.

I'm in the process of building a 24x24 shop, it's pretty much 75% completed. Some paint, electrical, and shop furniture still remains to be completed. And of course setting up my tools.

I received an iHome radio for Xmas this year. I was thinking about building a "dust resistant" cabinet for the radio and DVD/TV combo that I currently have.

In my previous 11x15 basement shop (with average Dust Collection) it seems that dust is attracted to electronics and I was constantly wiping them down.

I was wondering how do you guys protect your electrical devises from saw dust.

On a side note the iHome radio does not have an aux speaker jack/out put.


Eric (Hellfish)

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I have never once attempted to protect my electronics and have never had a problem. That includes my iPod in speakers system, tv, and computer. That was in a 300 sq ft shop and my 1200 sq ft shop. I guess protection is better than no protection but not all that necessary either.

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I too have never been concerned with dust in my electronics. I have a Milwaukee radio/cd player in my shop and I do occasinally blow it off with my air hose, but I've never had a problem with it. It's been in my shop over two years. I guess you could build a little cabinet with a door to keep your electronics behind. That might help.

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I have a different model of the iHome speakers (w/aux :)) and have had it in the garage for 3+ years with no problems and that includes during hellish summers. I blow the dust out of my shop or vacuum it up fairly routinely, but not nuts about it; also don't have an air filter. Never had a problem. For about a year, I had a Toshiba laptop in there most days again with no ill effects. RIght now, I just put up a flat-panel display with the cables going up into the house to a desktop box I didn't want out there (heat, not dust).

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I'd agree with the other posters that protecting your electronics isn't as big a deal as you might expect. I have several computers in my shop and neither is in a dust-free enclosure. I simply vacuum them out a couple times a year and all is well. Now you may be in a slightly different situation if you are using electronics that have mechanical parts and read optical media all the time. A bunch of sawdust inside your DVD player is probably not going to be good for reading disks. For solid state stuff like ipods, radios, etc. I wouldn't be too worried.


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