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Kind of finish related. I'm hoping to make a few sets of cufflinks like these using different color leads to go with different ties. 

The question is once formed, if using clear epoxy, can you Sand it back high enough to see through it again? Whenever I've sanded epoxy, it status cloudy.

Colour Pencil Cufflinks1.jpg


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Heres the thing, "epoxy" is a grouping term ,and not all epoxies are created equal. Some are very heat sensitive, and if you use an power sander (DA, RO, doesnt matter) it will simply gum up, and theres no way back from that. Some dry really really hard, and polish up beautifully. 

The main difference is the cure time. If you used 30 minute cure epoxy, forget it. 8 hour stuff is probably the lowest curing time you can polish up like glass.  I use 48 hour WS for "high quality" stuff.

All that aside, the process is pretty darn similar to polishing a clear coat on a car. Sand up to 2000 grit, polish with a DA compound, and follow up with a polishing compound. I can recommend you some stuff if you need.

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3 hours ago, Brendon_t said:

Yes I'm using 105/206 ws. Pictures added.  

Try it again with 207 :-). 206 is fairly clear, but not like 207.  Slow cure, no added heat and you'll be good to go.  That being said, I'd sand the epoxy down to 400 then apply a clear lacquer and polish that

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