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I refinished an oak dining table.  However, on patch would not take the stain.  My dad tried to help suggesting I should sand against the grain.  Also he tried to strip it with a razor blade.  Anyhow this is what it looks like now.  The rest of the table looks great.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?  I am using miniwax stain in weathered oak.  getPart?uid=28131253&partId=1&scope=STAN


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Actually, the original patch that wouldn't take the stain was probably already too far gone. The glue that holds the veneer on permeates the veneer a little bit. If you sand too far, even though not all the way through, that glue can interfere with stain absorption. The worst thing to do is sand more. Better at that point to try to build color with dye or a gel stain.

Unfortunately, that is water under the bridge now. 

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Thank you very much for the replys.  I can't believe it is veneer.  I can't see where the oak is and the veneer starts on the sides.  I really thought it was solid oak and it is such a heavy table.  Really bummed I can't fix it because it really did come out nice.  So for the future how do you know something is solid wood versus a veneer?  I have 2 Pottery Barn table  I wanted to sand but I am afraid they are veneer now as well.  Again thank you!

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