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One year follow-up yesterday and no signs of cancer! 

Had my CT scans yesterday and officially 2 years cancer-free (also a 45 year cancer survivor) 

So, my wife goes to empty the clothes dryer, and the plastic door pull snaps off in her hand. This looks like a job for "WOODWORKERMAN"! One scrap of cherry later, and BOOM: I considered usin

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1 hour ago, Lester Burnham said:

Those booths appear to be having some kind of strange gravitational effect on that table. Good thing we weren't seated there, we'd never be able to leave.



The black stand pipe bypasses the apron and only catches the top. That's a dumb support design. 

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Sounds like a commercial opportunity to me, Iceman!

Go back and complain about the soup flowing off into your lap, and leave a card with the suggestion that you could build them some proper dining tables. Might finance a nice shop upgrade!

Agreed. Show them how to make a table correctly, ice.

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Is this picture from your heated truck or your office in the heated model home? I used to love snow and cold weather, now not so much.

Haha! You got it Bry, pic from my office in temp construction trailer. We sold our last model house and im now building a new one so im in a trailer for the interim

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