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Has any one seen an ad for the TV show with April, Tim Allen, and Richard Karn? It's another one of those building competition shows which i find meh but it could have some good laughs between the two hosts and the resident expert.



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I don't know that anyone is likely to argue that April Wilkerson's furniture products are at the level of Maloof or Nakashima, but she has certainly demonstrated a talent for growing her business. Frankly, I feel that the business' customer base is far broader at the 'beginner' level, and that is probably why her videos and products lean that way. Plus, she seems to enjoy 'home improvement' challenges as much as straight-up furniture building. The show with Allen and Karn should be interesting.

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It was only -16 here that 30 miles makes a big difference. My family woke up to -24.

1 minute ago, Mark J said:

We woke to a balmy -5.  

No reason to go outside, but even with the heat running for hours the shop is only 65.  OK for cutting wood, but I think I'll wait a day or two before putting on the finish coat I was going to do today.

I don't know what finish your using but you should be good. My shop is rarely over 64 and i don't have any issues.

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1 hour ago, wtnhighlander said:

There is something wrong with all you ice-people. :wacko:

We are expecting a low of 2 degF some night next week, with snow chances in the forecast almost every day. If covid didn't already have the school schedule jacked up, it sure would be by Friday!

I agree. If it rains here on Thursday and it freezes, they will shut our schools and city works down. Call us woosises if you will! We will go to Kroger on Tuesday for chips and Queso,  just in case. :D

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