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I have done the same, using an insert specific for 45* bevel cuts, returning the blade back to 90* without changing the insert back to the zci. Then cutting an off cut that dropped down into the blade and getting a non injurious kick back. It only took once as I wasn’t wearing safety glasses and the piece clipped my ear. Glad you are ok. 

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Glad you came out of it ok. As for leaving room for airflow, if you think about it, the board being cut completely covers the slot so it doesn't make much difference. I have seen people drill a hole at the entrance side of the blade, just before the slot, to let air in. I doubt it makes much difference.

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A Houston police officer was shot and killed today and his partner is is in serious condition. They were serving a warrant on an a-hole that had jumped bond on three priors. This officer with 31 years of service was due to retire in three weeks. To my knowledge, the officer never tried to pass a fake $20 bill nor resisted arrest nor had a lengthy rap sheet. Chances are that in 2-3 weeks, he will be forgotten. No streets named after him nor continued nation wide news. RIP Sir! 

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