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19 hours ago, K Cooper said:

I agree with others, absolutely beautiful. The secret door is really cool but what fool wouldn’t steal the piece as a primary and what was inside is only Lagniappe! Thanks for taking us on this trip! 


You OK, Coop, buddy?!  Have you been struck by the spirit?  Speaking in tongues?!!

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2 hours ago, Byrdie said:

Yup, I looked it up.  Still looks like speaking in a foreign language to me, especially coming from a Houstantonian.

  Yeah, but he's a short way from the La. border, and remember all those Cajun,s that hit Houston during Katrina.  Some of them stayed.   Oh, and since he is also close to the Mexico border, I personally have change the name of the state he lives in to Texico.

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