Next time I get critical of sap wood


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I'll remind myself of this piece.  I started to mill this for a wall mount shelf to hold an A/V receiver in my shop and then stopped when I realized the project wasn't worthy of this thing. It's 4/4x7x4. Now I just need some drawer fronts or a better idea. Love this board.



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4 minutes ago, Mike. said:

My understanding is that NHLA does not consider sapwood ia defect, regardless of species.   A board could be 90% sapwood and still considered FAS.  

I'm not sure if that's true for all species. You may be right, but I thought because of steaming walnut got some sort of hall pass.

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9 minutes ago, Mike. said:

I am pretty sure it is, check the link I just added to my post.  Sap, burls, pitch pockets, sticker stain, etc are not defects according to NHLA.   Basically only things that impact the integrity of the wood are defects, not cosmetic "flaws".  

In any case, I am a big fan of walnut and cherry sap, when used artistically. 

Theoretically you're right, realistically...Walnut is excepted with more sapwood just because...well, it has more sapwood. Compound that with acceptable defects and you have crappy great boards!

Read the difference between walnut and white oak here, for instance.

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15 hours ago, gee-dub said:

Beautiful board. I am not shy about using coloration differences as a design feature.  Just percolate on it awhile; the perfect project for that board will come to you.


Bevy of Boxes (16).jpg

Media Cabinet (168).jpg


Nice projects! Any chance you could switch your profile picture back? Current one is giving me nightmares when I look at the forum before bedtime ;)

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