Nakashima Foundation Tour - recommended!

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Hello everyone - I had a chance today to visit the Nakashima property and get a guided tour (along with about a dozen other people). If you find your way near southeastern Pennsylvania and have a few hours to spend, I highly recommend it. You get to go through several of the buildings as staff members explain details about Nakashima's philosophy, the history of the property, processes, and other details. It's not a particularly long tour, and unfortunately, you don't get to go into the workshop itself, but it's wonderful to see the in-progress pieces, examine the completed pieces and prototypes sitting around the property.

And if you ever feel bad about your lumber stash... you should see theirs. They describe it as their "Raiders of the Lost Ark" barn, and it doesn't feel like they're exaggerating.

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That's awesome man.  The Soul of a Tree is one of my favorite woodworking books, and although I don't love live edge pieces, I think Nakashima is one of the all-time great artist woodworkers.  I'd love to see his place one day.

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Actually, they ask to not take photographs inside the buildings, though you're welcome to take any outside on the grounds, but frankly, pictures don't do justice to the pieces themselves (though I probably should've snagged one of the lumber stash).

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