Cutting Board (I know... You see a lot of these. I'm proud of this one, though!)


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Good job señor Drow! 

2 hours ago, TIODS said:

Nice job!  Any thoughts of one more set of cuts and a glue up to make it end grain?

I've made several long grain boards and one day Brendon pestered/dared/challenged me to make an end grain board. I figured, heck, that's too much work and I probably couldn't do it anyway. After him calling me a woose, I tried it and I'm hooked, especially if you flip every other one for a cool pattern.

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3 hours ago, JosephThomas said:

Looks nice, thanks for sharing.  

Sidenote, why add vitamin E to mineral oil? Just a marketing thing?

It's a natural disinfectant and rancidity retardant. Helps to keep the wood free of bacteria, I guess... Though the wood does a lot of that on its own. 

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That looks nice, I would agree with everybody that once you start doing end grain you will be hooked. You can make some crazy patterns. I would also say if you are going to keep making them on a regular basis I would get food grade mineral oil instead of the "cutting board oil". I do one good coat of mineral oil and then a top coat of a mineral oil/beeswax mix that I make. Here are a couple cutting boards I recently finished to give you an idea of the patterns you can make.13263723_1784271938525623_2591142161355538708_n.jpg13754438_1815653862054097_5522910670185934462_n.jpg13100865_1777770322509118_5423142219183456538_n.jpg

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