What glue do you use?

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TBII is my go to mostly. I've tried a few other brands but alway's come back..  Tried gorilla glue, wasn't bad but it was more expensive than the TBII. Tried Elmers, but I still always come back to Titebond. I did have a half gallon freeze last year, left it out accidently, It turned into a thick paste even after thawing out lol...

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Tite bond 3, only issue I have is if you are like me and get tempted to brush a little run off on your jeans, with tb3 it will never come off once it cures. I like the longer open time, strength and water proofness, even though that is rarely needed. For me, I don't use THAT much glue so that the cost difference between Tb1 or Tb2 doesn't really matter.

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It depends on the application.

  • For outdoor projects it is West Systems epoxy or Titebond III.
  • For furniture projects it's Titebond II or Titebond II Dark for darker woods.
  • For jigs or other non critical applications it's Titebond I original or a fast setting PVA like Wudcare 5 minute PVA.
  • For musical instruments I like to use hide glue for future disassembly/repair. Normally Titebond Liquid Hide rather than a glue pot. I only buy it in small bottles as it has a very limited shelf life. 
  • For inlay work on new instruments it is CA glue either clear or tinted.
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I use TB-III for cutting boards, trivet, coasters; anything that may be used around the kitchen or have frosty mugs of barley-pop set on them.  I do not save it for that and will use it for other pieces as well.  I use TB-II for light colored woods like ash and maple.  I also keep things like these around:

  • epoxy
  • contact cement
  • Duco plastic cement
  • Silicone Rubber
  • E-6000
  • various CA

All these are in tubes or jars and fit nicely in a plastic container in a cabinet.

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I buy TBIII in gallons, so that is what i typically use for everything. I have a gallon of west systems, but it is almost exclusively used for filling defects. I dont even know the price difference between TBII and TBIII. I probably use 5-6 gallons of III a year. You would swear i drink the stuff. 

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TB2 for the majority of my furniture and boxes. TB1 for jigs. TB3 for cutting boards or anything in the kitchen/bathroom. West Systems epoxy for outdoor projects or if I need a long open time for a tough glue-up or something. Unbind 800 for bent lamination and veneering. Oh and CA glue for fixing stupid little mistakes like splintering off a corner etc.

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My primary glue is currently TB2 because I got 2 gallons at a woodcraft going out of business sale. Otherwise TB1.  

West Epoxy for outdoor projects.  I find TB3 messy, difficult to use and don't like the dark glue lines. 

TB LHG for small parts or projects where I need good initial tack without a bunch of sliding.  PVA is slippery. LHG is not. 

TB molding and trim glue (the thick no drip stuff) for shop jigs.  Its strong, dries fast and has good initial tack.  

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Someone mentioned contact cement.

 I use H20 by WilsonArt. It's a water based contact cement. It can dry a little slow when it's cold or very humid, but a heater and a fan solves that. Faint ammonia smell,less than Windex.  It's easy to apply with a roller or brush.

Water clean up is nice. The flammable solvent stuff had the neighbors complaining about the smell. The nonflammable stuff cost more, still stank and was a health hazard too.

I think you can get it anywhere that sells Wilsonart laminate like Home Depot. Around $50 a gallon but no solvent for clean up lowers your overall cost. No complaints about smell in the house, priceless !

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