What glue do you use?

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On 8/10/2016 at 7:03 PM, Ryan Grondin said:

What's your favorite glue? brand, etc. I use differen't glue's for different applications or projects, but do you have a favorite brand? Have you tried different brands and compared them to eachother?  Just curious.

Old brown glue, unless there is a need for waterproof - then tbiii

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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

I have one, but it doesn't seem to help. I have it hanging right near the work area, but all the glue sticks to me, not the apron. It must be the apron is defective. I wonder if Lee Valley will do a warranty return ,,,,,  ??

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15 hours ago, Ryan Grondin said:

I've heard of that but never used it, how do you like it?

I like it because: 1. long open time, 2. you can wipe excess off with a wet rag and IT WILL NOT AFFECT THE FiNISH.  

The downsides are: 1. Need to warm it before using  2. Not waterproof. 3. Not available everywhere. 4. Shelf life of one year(longer if you refrigerate).

Overall I find it easy for glue ups and you can take your time.


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On 8/11/2016 at 8:36 AM, bradseubert said:

How do you like that system 3 epoxy? I have a complicated glue up coming up and was looking into using epoxy for the open time.

System 3 seems much cheaper than west systems at least in small quantities. How's the open time?

It works well but It's a little strange.  I find it hard to squeeze out of the bottle.  It mixes well but is very thick. During mixing it takes on s milky white color.  It is not smooth to brush on but after its there for a couple minutes it somehow turns more clear in color and smooths out a little.  Maybe I brush it on too soon.  Despite its apparent thickness it easily squeezes itself out of the joint just like other glues so you know the joint is not glued starved.  It does give you a long time to work - about 10 minutes ( I never really timed it.  You also have to leave it clamped longer - at least overnight. When my current  is gone I would like to try another brand because system 3 is the only one that I have used.

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