Inlace / liquid inlay

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Has anyone used this I lay product?

If you haven't it is a liquid inlay system kit. You get every thing you need except the router and cutting bit in the box!

I've watched a couple of YouTube videos and it seems ok to use.

On YouTube type inlace and watch a few videos tell me what u think.

Here is a link to there site.

Any thoughts welcome

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Never used the inlace product, but have made my own epoxy & crushed shell/stone/metal concoction several times. Works well as long as the area of the inlay is not too big. I don't know what resin is used for Inlace, but some casting resins shrink as they cure, so if the area is large enough, the percentage of shrink can noticably pull the edges away from the sides of the void.

If inlace uses polyester resin,

I'd stick with patterns of relatively narrow recesses. If it is NOT polyester, you might not have to worry about it.

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