Just finished milling my lumber

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You're ahead of the game. that's good. With the plan in hand, I suppose many of you can start any time you like.

I too will be using some gen. mahogany for at least one of the cabinets. I have so much on hand from the last project that I need to use it up. Good problem to have, right?

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I spent the weekend milling a bunch of walnut for the cabinet, the stack should be enough to complete the project. I'm undecided on the door panels, what do you all think of the two chunks in the second pic? Not quite a total bookmatch, the one on the right was narrower and needed 3 inches of so added vs. only an inch on the left. The right edge of the left panel would be within the groove of the frame, it's there to reinforce the edge since there are a few small cracks in this board.



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I roughed out a couple pieces that I thought might make good sides. These are each 11-1/2" wide and about 38" long from a single board of pecan. The offcuts should be sufficient for at least the top or bottom. The board started at 13' long. The inside edges of the pieces, as shown, is a common one. (As are the two outside ones, I suppose.)


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I got started cutting and milling my lumber last night as well. I am using Oak. I was planning on using Black walnut door panels, but after putting them up to one another, they just do not go together. So..........I will probably just stick with oak all the way around.



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I am having some issues getting the wide pieces jointed. I tried my hand at using my planner to get the stock completed. After finishing the door panels, I really started analyzing them and found the doors had a curve in them. So....I tried jointing 6" of it and then sending it through my planer with a know straight board. However, my jointer blades are sooooooooooo dull, it does not want to cut the wide panels. I hate running into ROAD BLOCKS. So I will be going to Woodcraft tomorrow, and try again tomorrow night.

Marc, if you are not ready by Friday then that will be fine............I probably want be either.<_<

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Doors were on the agenda today, maybe I'll knock out the drawer tomorrow. Cut the grooves on the TS with a 24 tooth flat topped rip blade then went into the groove with the hollow chisel mortiser for the deeper mortises. Tell you waht, I had never sharpened my chisel before but I did today. Big difference, chisel works great now. It is amazing the rough machine marks that suddenly show up when you polish the sides of the chisel with a fine stone...


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