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Any Ever Used This Vise?

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Back story:

I'm looking at retrofitting a front vise onto my existing work bench. I've been using my Irwin Quick Grip front vise/holdfasts and I've about had it with that. Time to step it up a notch.


Anyone ever used the Woodriver Large Front Vise? How well machined was it? Slop, no slop? Screw functions well? Did it rack bad when you clamped a piece to an extreme edge? Any input on this vise (on sale this weekend) or similarly priced would be helpful. Thank you.

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I installed the Lee Valley version of this vise hardware for dad.  I will give it a hearty "so-so".  With a reasonable bit of fettling it moves decently in and out.  If I had not bought it used 'new in box' I would have returned it.  If you are looking to go cheap the Shop Fox version is probably about the same.

If I were doing it again I would try something else.  Just for the informational value, I installed this for dad because his Rockler large quick release vise was so poor.  In the "under $200" category I find that a vise

As opposed to vise hardware

Gives you better hardware.  I am always anxious to hear from others as to their experiences in this arena.

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I have both the large and small Wood river front vises.  The quick release on the large model is nice.  Both vises operate smoothly but they do rack a little when you clamp something off center.  I made my vise 16" wide. You will need plane your clamping surface to counter act the skew when you tighten the vise.  I don't have much experience with any other vises but I understand that that is not unusual since the threaded rod is quite a ways below the top of the vise.  I know that there are better vises out there but the wood river ones seem to be good for the price.  Careful mounting dead square with the edge of your bench is a must.

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