What ever became of Freddie?

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27 minutes ago, Freddie said:

I got my own thread? Sweet! 

Sorry to everyone for falling off the face of the forum. It's been almost 2 years since I have built a real project due to life, ouch. My garage is at my parents house and ever since my wife was pregnant to now having a 10 month old, getting over to the garage was not feasible. I have not had woodworking in my life for a little while now, so the craving for online content slowly diminished I suppose. 

As for good news, we just got our offer accepted on a house. tomorrow morning is the inspection, wish us luck. We are waiting for everything to hopefully go smoothly and close before we announce it to the world, but Im sharing with you guys because this means we will have a house with a garage and that means garage time will be able to happen. Its a detached 1 car, but the property is huge so we went in on the fact that I can expand in the future. We looked at many houses with nice big garages, but I felt the location and neighborhood took priority over shop size, as long as we had room to expand. So, hopefully this means I will be back on my feet and participating online more and blowing the dust off the tools and knocking the rust off my skills. :D

Glad to hear from ya.  Sounds like you're doing good, don't neglect us !     Good to see you to Byrdie!    Freddie, winter's coming, gonna do any radiator covers this one?

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34 minutes ago, Byrdie said:

I come back for my first time in a coon's age and seems like everyone's coming home! (Though I'm not taking responsibility.)  I noticed there weren't any Freddie posts and was thinking about PMing someone to ask if anyone had heard from Freddie.

Can't promise I'll be around much but good to see Freddie pop in at the same time.

Byrdie, what has been occupying your time here lately?

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Full time job, sole source of income in my home, not enough sleep, broken rider with an acre of lawn, horse that isn't getting enough attention.  Need to fit eating in there somewhere.

I;m almost done with a table I've been building (in the process of putting finish on) and I need to get back to a player piano I've been restoring.


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Just now, Freddie said:

Would it be weird if I went back to my cave now? Or should I stick around for some questions and then go? :P

Do like me and pop in once in a while.  Hell, last time I was here your wife was still your girlfriend (or maybe it was fiance) and there weren't any extensions to your gene pool.


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I know the problem with a one car garage because that is what I have. We didn't have room to add another garage/shop to the side of the existing one so we added onto the BACK!

My shop is a bit larger (width and length) than a standard garage would be, I have direct access to the house through the back door (and am within hollering distance any time) and can use the garage space from time to time when necessary.

Just something to think about in the future. :)

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