Scratched base on DeWalt 735.

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Yeah I'm not trying to sound like a wood snob (which I's no secret), but I just find "used" lumber to be more trouble than it's worth.  One damaged knife on a jointer or planer and all the money you saved not buying "new" lumber in the first place is gone - poof - like a fart in the wind.  Not to mention the time you wasted.

And cherry on case scenario for "used"'s filthy and has holes in it.  Worst case is it's filthy and it has chunks of metal in it.  Either way, not worth the cellulose it's made of.  IMHO.

You were right on the money until your best case scenario.

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Yep I was working on some reclaimed white oak, thought I had all the nails out....guess again...NEVER AGAIN...planer knives with a huge gouge in them. The pisser was the wood was free and being used to brace up the legs on my outfeed table for the table saw. 



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Some of us do other things than build furniture from new lumber. I for instance have planned several thousand liner feet of oak flooring and several thousand feet of long leaf pine flooring. I have hit many small tacks. I have a helix cutter in my planner and the carbide bits are cheep and easy to rotate or replace. I visually look for the small nails but cant find them all. Lots of paint over them and such. No way I could ever afford to buy #1 log leaf pine, even if I could find it. All this "used" lumber is coming out of my 1914 house restoration and being put back in looking brand new.

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