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19 minutes ago, bleedinblue said:

Everyone keeps talking about the 2 mm stroke, but I can't find any spec on my Dewalt for reference.  What's the standard stroke for a general purpose ROS?

The stroke is the distance in which the pad travels per orbit. The larger the number, the more aggressive the sander, and the bigger the scratch pattern. For instance, a 5mm stroke would be best suited for intermediate sanding 60-120 grit, where as a 2-3mm would be best suited for 120 grit and higher. Paper and grit plays a big part in stock removal, however a 5mm stroke sander will get you there faster than a 2mm stroke with the same grit. 

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29 minutes ago, Mike. said:

Bob Marino is still offering it.....I just ordered one a minute ago. 

Same here. I've ordered a lot from Bob and he is great at giving advice. When I was deciding between the 150/5 and 150/3 he said if the Rotex is in your future order the /3 otherwise order the /5. He said the /3 might give a slightly better finish but good technique is more important than stroke. 

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4 hours ago, TheFatBaron said:

Well, the fact that they're sold out has made my decision accidentally easy.

Since everyone questioned this: It says in stock, but when you add it to your cart, you get an error:


And you can't actually check out with it in your cart. I didn't realize this was being offered through other retailers, though.

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So what do you guys suggest for a more aggressive sander to compliment this finishing sander from the Festool lineup?

Ets ec 150/5, Its a beast. No need for a rotex (for furniture ) since this thing came out. If you will need it for really aggressive construction jobs then id go rotex, if not ets ec 5 stroke all day long.


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