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Nice! I would make sure to keep the stickers vertically in line with each other, then ratchet strap the bundles. Then you can readjust tension as the wood dries. Should work better than gravity at keeping the stacks flat.  make sure to have airflow. through the stacks.

You might think about adding 2 more stickers per layer and setting the end stickers about 3 inches in from the end of the boards. all that might be overkill but for the little bit of work it can't hurt. 

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I have already painted the ends. I will restack it all when I get it down in TN. I was thinking about using ratchet straps, instead of weighting it down, like it is now. 

Im going to be putting it in the house, where the humidity is controlled. Im not in a big enough hurry to incur the added cost of kiln drying. I can wait.

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