Bathroom vanity

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Please review and provide comments on this bathroom vanity I designed and built. My biggest regret is that I cant take better pictures. Vanity is maple with shellac and dye finish top coated with water based poly, rubbed out with dark brown wax.

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Ok, I like it a lot, we will start there!

The cabinet doors are lacking compaired to the balance of the piece. Maybe just beading on the outside of the doors. And I thing the applied carving should have been wider, around the width of the two doors. Hard to say when a piece gets too busy...maybe I'm wrong.

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I think it looks very good too. Finishing with brown wax is an interesting idea.

If I had to pick something I would adjust the proportions some what. The doors look a little too narrow to me. Maybe go with wider doors an only one bank of drawers.

I am just being picky. I would put this in my house any day.

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Good Job!

from the pic, it looks like good overall color which is not easy to do.

I would have incorporated a toe kick for a bath vanity.

The decorated scroll is good and a larger one would have also needed a taller front stretcher.

What I would have added is a 90-degree scroll in each corner to tie the eye into the entire front stretcher. Which you still can do!

Again, good job! I give it an A


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