Trick or Treat

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No pics of my kids, because people can be awful. Had a couple Hogwarts students, Chewbacca, and my nephews were Black Panther, Master Chief and a wee pirate.

It's sad, our neighborhood is older with older residents and not many kids. So we meet up in the rich neighborhood with fancy things like street lights and sidewalks. The kids make out like bandits and I don't have to yell at people to slow down and potentially get shot. Win-win.

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Yeah I don't get it either.  You think people on this forum are gonna make nasty comments about your kids' costumes?  C'mon man, you know better than that.

I wouldn't post them on Reddit though, for reals.  LOL

I think he meant he is an awful person for not getting some pics of them. But I'm not sure, that's why i asked

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No, I had an instance where someone made threats against my family at one point over freaking football, so I don't put anything personal online anymore. Not that anyone here would do such a thing, but it isn't a closed access forum.

I promise I won't threaten your life if you post pics of your kids in costumes. I can't speak for the rest of these wackos though...

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