New Festool Kapex KS 60 Miter Saw

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3 minutes ago, Eric. said:

Sorry, I must have ignored your post. :D

With all the excitement you must have felt over the prospect of a new Festool tool to buy I can understand how that might happen. You Sir are pardoned :)

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8 minutes ago, Pwk5017 said:

Oh and for God's sake put a real motor on this one for a change.

Yeah no kidding.  My main complaint is that the thing doesn't have enough ass...and now they make this one even smaller.  I'm baffled by some of their moves.  I don't really care about a 12" blade but the saw does need more power, at least when it's being used for furniture making.  I'm sure finish carpenters are happy.  Screw finish carpenters.

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If we had the European standard of electrical service here we we might have a more durable Kapex motor.

Had this been around years ago I might have incorporated one instead of my Milwaukee 6955.  Having a MFT3 I have wide crosscut capability for the times I need it and a more compact saw with at least theoretically less blade deflection would be nice for small accurate cuts.  Taking up less area on the counter and better dust control would be nice too.  For the money and requirement rebuild that area of my cabinets make me not interested.  One thing that I thought was a neat touch is having the table at the same height as a Sys 1, useless for most of us but a boon for a site pro, especially a floor installer.  

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Ya probably overpriced junk like most Festool.

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You know this comment is going to get indexed by Google and end up being a top hit for anti festool searches, right? You'll lose your dream with festool in no time

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22 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

I've only made 3 cuts on a kapex and that was crosscutting 8/4 walnut boards.  the only impression I actually remember having was that it felt like the saw was having to work too hard. 

It was working too hard, because it was made to cut poplar crown and baseboard.

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5 hours ago, estesbubba said:

I always assumed that the Kapex was a 12" saw. My Bosch 10" Glide seems to have a lot of ass but I don't know how it compares to the Kapex. 

Yea when you hit the trigger on the Bosch 12 inch glide it actually has a tendency to torque upwards because of the power.

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It was working too hard, because it was made to cut poplar crown and baseboard.

In response to the motor issues, Festool stated the saw is not ideal for quick small cuts, and that its better at cutting large "beams". Which makes about as much sense as the 2016 presidential campaign. So a low power, small capacity saw is not designed for light duty work....[emoji15]

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