Cross dowel jig question (Wolfcraft - 4685404)

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Hi everyone.  I was just looking through some older tools and I can across a Wolfcraft Drill Guide Jig.  So you can see what I am working with, here is a link to the item on Amazon:


Can anyone tell me if I can I use this jig somehow as a cross dowel jig?  I need to make a 'T' in the middle of a board (3/4" MDF).

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Well, a drill guide is designed to help you drill straight holes with a regular drill. Add a set of dowel centers for alignment and you've basically got the makings of a dowel jig.

I am having a hard time figuring out what you are trying to accomplish, however. Are you joining two pieces of MDF together in a T shape? If so, a dowel jig will help in that regard.

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