3D Cube ZigZag Box


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Publishing typos of the dimensions...or even worse, species...in a woodworking plan should be a crime punishable by public flogging.

After all that milling, gluing, and scraping... tell me how thisbb27461c8bd6de90e044c117facbde4b.jpgdc043874991de90e1214690a6d01bd52.jpg

... is supposed to wind up looking like this. 8f0059611c1134d6051d2b184bcec347.jpg

This is how the top looks with the set up they published in the plansf2efd12021cf4a0e2af4e8187ef9ac48.jpg

Note the bottom should clearly be maple (birch in my case).

Luckily'the same intern who evidently they hired to draw this up at WOOD magazine, also has no idea how to measure, because per the plan, the top of the box calls for enough material for about 40" x 5" top

... to fit a box that's 10" x 5"

I hate to go backwards but the top just won't look right if it's not symmetrical. I have enough top material that's not cut up to rip off the incorrect material and replace it with more flame Birch.

So annoyed

Wood magazine owes me a free subscription, for my blown weekend.

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31 minutes ago, C Shaffer said:

D'oh. I see now. Is that just a mock up for a visual or is there more stock?

I only cut about 5 or 6 total  After the first few cuts I realized that something looked visually off and gave it a sniff test.  Spoiler alert...it stunk.

16 minutes ago, RichardA said:

Uh Vinny, have you considered laying it out the other 90* and just adding the birch to the left or right side... You don't have to copy the plans, make it your own!

Was thinking of a few improvs, but I'll just cut my losses (pardon the pun) and reglue/resurface.  It's a sharp design, and the 3D effect only really works when the dark/light woods create the illusion of shadow.  My current results just make your eyes hurt.

I wrote WOOD magazine an email.  Hopefully they'll put a note on the website so another poor sod doesn't make the same mistake as me.

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Your first picture looks like it should be an advertisement for something hipsters would buy.

Hence my new line of pennyfarthing's bicycles

Somebody from WOOD magazine sent me a nice apologetic email today.... kudos to them for that. It shows that real people work there and they do in fact care.

So I'm ripping off a strip from each top panel.

Hey this is kind of cool. Worlds thinnest edge banding!


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