Small Media Cabinet in Soul-Patch Asian


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Thanks fellers.  I worked on this damn thing for way too long.  Life is too busy for woodworking these days.


55 minutes ago, Aj3 said:

Did you try to handplane the Bulbinga.


Oh hell no.  Some species just aren't friends with hand tools...bubinga is one of 'em.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys.


9 hours ago, wnaziri said:

That is a beautiful.  I particularly love the combination of cherry with waterfall? bubinga.  The colors complement each other well.  Love it.


Not quite waterfall but it has some intense grain movement with a little bit of figure.  Waterfall is a whole other beast and this doesn't qualify.  I plucked two 8' boards out of a pile of rough sawn bubinga that was moving through the yard because I knew they were crazy looking just judging by the edge grain.  They didn't turn out as spectacular as I'd hoped, to be honest, but they were still very cool.


8 hours ago, Brendon_t said:

The kids are getting big man.  


No kidding.  Time flies...scary fast.


8 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Woah! That looks awesome, E! Was there no journal to go with this???


Sorry Ross and everyone else, no journal.  I've been so busy lately that I hardly had time to build the thing, let alone document the progress.  I took a few pictures along the way but nothing worth posting.  I have a bed coming up soon...maybe I'll journal that one if I'm feeling relaxed enough.  This is my busiest time of year though.


8 hours ago, Ronn W said:

Nicely done. I like it a lot.

Did you use a filler to get that nice smooth surface on the Bubinga?  If so, what product?


Nope, I don't pore fill, ever.  Mother nature made bubinga with big open pores and that's the way it's gonna stay.  The finish is just Arm-R-Seal satin, as usual, applied the same way I always do it.


4 hours ago, Lester Burnham said:

I'm not old and I'm lost on that term being used in woodworking as well.


Soul-Patch Asian just means that generic phony-baloney "Asian-inspired" look.  Genuine Asian furniture design is specific...what guys like me do is add a few curves or tapers in certain ways to give something an Americanized Asian feel and we call it Asian...but it's not.  It's sweet and sour chicken.

If you want to explore true Asian furniture, look into shoji or tansu to start with.  I haven't been able to find much literature on Asian furniture design but it's not what you see in your mind's eye when you think Asian furniture.  And it's certainly not this media cabinet...but that's not gonna stop me describing it that way. :)

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