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Can anyone ID this wood?  I went to an auction and bought a lumber/sheet good cart that had a mixture of oak, walnut and a bunch of this.  I originally thought it was Cherry but once I compared it to some known Cherry boards I am not 100% sure now


Here is the end grain



The board on top an the narrow boards in the background are the ones in question.  The board with the blue writing is one of my known Cherry examples.


What do you guys think?



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I have not used much cherry.  That boards was planed (took about 1/8" off) right before that picture.  

1 minute ago, Eric. said:

Needs to be a clean, smooth cut and a quality macro picture.

I was in a hurry and was on my way out the door to work when I snapped that picture.  I will try to get a better one.

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I'm ate to the party but yeah, It's cherry (and I agree w/ Eric about the end grain shot being useless --- if you want wood ID it's always a good idea to get a good clean, well-focused shot of a well-sanded end grain)

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