Best Auger Bit for Chair Making

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I need a 1 1/4" auger bit to drill holes for legs in a stool. I bought one but it didn't have "Lips" on the end so there was a lot of tear out on the surface of the cut. Does anyone know of a good brand or type of bit to use to get nice clean holes bored. I'm using a power drill not a brace.



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I have a set of the Wood Owl bits -- the Overdrive ones -- and they do a smoother and faster cut than my forstner bits. The Overdrive ones have a very small point (no treaded point) so the bottom of the hole is close to the bottom of my forstner bits.

Highly recommend these bits.

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The Overdrive bits are great, and my forstners get far less use since I bought them.  The lack of a screw would be problematic in a brace, but does allow you do use a drill press without pulling the chuck out of the quill.  If you're using a hand held power drill then it wouldn't matter too much either way. 

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