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You do, but they are carbide and last a very long time. I use the 8mm bit 75%+ of the time. Also used it on two staircase reface projects for bullnoses; I think it has hit two if not three staples. It's still fine.

The 5mm and 4mm bits are more fragile so hitting a staple with those might not fair as well. The Domino cuts by sweeping the bit side to side so it is exactly like you'd make a mortise with a router: successively deeper passes. If you plunge very fast, the bit will tend to do more with the side cutters than the tip, which puts unnecessary strain on it and can snap the small bits. That said I've never snapped one and sometimes I plunge pretty fast.

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Like Paul said, the carbide lasts pretty well. I use the 5mm the most and have heard some reports of breaking bits. I haven't had an issue, but I've only owned mine for about a month. How often do you replace your commonly used router bits? Sorry I can't give you a better answer. You should also be able to hone the bits without losing too much of the diameter.

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This is from the Festool catalog "Durable, long-lasting bit withstands 5,000-14,000 joints depending on material." Like Paul-Marcel, I use the 8mm most of the time. I probably have 800+ mortises with the 8mm bit and it still cuts well. In my pre-Domino days ("dark ages"), I made mortises with upcut spiral bits (both Freud and Whiteside). They did a great job but dulled noticeably after 50 or so mortises and became almost unusable after about 100(the Freud was a bit more durable). Granted that was in oak. Almost all the domino cuts have been made in cherry and sheet goods.


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