Farmhouse Kitchen Table

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Thanks guys.  Whereas I'm not thrilled with the design, I am satisfied I did as much with it as I could.  The wife is very happy with it.

Special thanks to Eric for digging through a huge pile of 6/4 cherry to find some great stock.  He did all the work while I was busy keeping my baby happy.  My pictures don't do the cherry justice, as usual.

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I agree with you, bleedinblue - I'm no fan of the general category of farmhouse table designs either.  That said, your craftsmanship really shines in the tabletop itself!  It seems like something I'd do out of spite - "Oh, you want a crappy design, huh?  Well FINE, I'll make it, but add an amazing part that you didn't ask for just to show you what you could have had if you had better taste..."

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10 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

Blue, to understand correctly, you extended the apron to make it longer? If that’s the case, how did you attach the apron to the legs from the beginning? 

Yup, I cut out and replaced all of the aprons with longer pieces.  The aprons were all attached with dominos originally, so I just cut them out and sanded the faces of the top of the legs flush.  That gave me flat and clean surfaces for new dominos for the new, longer aprons.

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Be glad she didn't want to have two leaves in it. Going to work on a table for SWMBO soon...been on her mind for about 5 years. Now that she is retired, I can use the extra hands in ripping, planing, assembling and finishing. I want to put in one leaf at least as we can have as many as eight people at the table. The little kids sit at a card table.

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