riving knife/splitter replacement for my 34-802 Delta Unisaw

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Hi guys,  I could really use some sage advice again.  

I have a Delta Unisaw (model 34-802) that I bought used last year.  The past owner mounted a Biesemeyer 78-961 splitter.  The splitter is bent and also not made for thin kerf blades.  What would you recommend?  I can't find a "thin kerf" splitter that would work in the current mount.

1. Is there a splitter y'all would recommend for this saw?  

2. Is there are thin kerf splitter that anyone knows about or a good solution that would allow me to keep the mount that I currently have?  This is what is currently on the saw:  http://www.toolpartspro.com/biesemeyer-parts/biesemeyer-78-961-type-1-parts.html

Thanks a ton!  



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2 hours ago, plinmaine said:

Thanks Pwk5017!  I really appreciate it.  I had no idea the shark guard would fit the bracket.  That's great news.  



Yep, no problem. My saw was out of a auction and 3phase, so i had the bracket but no splitter. Seeing a few shops leads me to believe the manual and guards are immediately tossed in the bin. The sharkguard is expensive for a bit of metal, and the shipping sucks, but it is just about your only choice. Once you take the time to line it up perfectly, it is nice that you can pop it in and out whenever you need to. Bevels nicely with the blade too.

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Thanks for pointing this out @Pwk5017.  This is the only after market manufacturer I've found for the craftsman TS I own.  The price is a bit much, but when the microjig splitter I just installed, which I've had mixed results with so far, finally needs replaced, I'll take a good look at these guys.

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I've had a BORK riving knife and blade guard on my Shop Fox W1677 for several years now, and it's worked out really well for me.  I believe it will fit a Unisaw.  He's made some nice revisions that simplify setup.  Once it's in place and adjusted properly it works great.  It's not on par with a riving knife designed from the ground up to work on a proprietary saw, but is a nice alternative for pre-riving knife saws that otherwise would have no aftermarket riving knife options.  Available as just the knife, or with the guard, full kerf or thin kerf.  http://theborkstore.com/

BBG011.jpg BORK016-1-2.jpg 016_zpsa2042f47.jpg010_zps77e368c8.jpg014_zpse458f807.jpg



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