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Anyone recognize this project?

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45 minutes ago, wdwerker said:

I've always been a Sci-Fi & fantasy reader. I read all the books, watched all the movies and that guy did an excellent job reproducing the broom from the movie.

I agree, a dead on match from what I see.

One thought, if you are going to do so much carving and shaping, is it even necessary to do so much hand planing up front? I mean you want something reasonable flat to work with of course, but when done, there isn't a flat surface left on it.

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5 hours ago, Art said:

I've made some of these as well.  The whole series is very popular in our family and my 9 yr old daughter is a huge fan of the books, so she asked me to make one for her.  I've since made about a dozen, as her friends all see them and ask for one.  I just give them away, and seeing the looks on their faces is incredible.IMG_2732.jpg

The handle is carved from mahogany using mainly spokeshaves and rasps.  The logo is real gold foil, and the banding on the bristles is 12 ga copper wire.   

Not sure why some here would think this is a waste of wood, but to each his own...

I like yours a lot better, looks awesome!

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That looks like a lot of work.  Nice!  Have you thought about suspending it from the ceiling with something like fishing line?  

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