Any arborists?

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This angle faces away from the house, so I'm not certain how long this has been in progress. I noticed it last week while exercising the dog. I don't know what kind of tree it is, but for as long as I have been here, almost thirty years, it has had a growth that resembles two nicely formed 'butt cheeks." Now it has a large cavity with the debris on the ground. The wood in the hole seems firm enough, but I've got no clue what is wrong or how and if it can be treated. Anyone seen something like this and have any ideas?






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(Also not an arborist - and not from your neck of the woods):  looks to me like insects went after it first, followed by woodpeckers, which you should have noticed.

I don't know what bugs you get in Va, your local agriculture extension agency can probably tell you what it is and what to do, in a minute.  In the West, those scars are called burls, and when in good condition are highly prized.

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I'm not an arborist, nor to I play one on TV. I did, however, work for one, many moons ago. If that tree is close enough to reach the house when it falls, take it down. Otherwise, the clean and fill technique mentioned above can work to strengthen the tree, but when you finally do have to take it down, now you have a tree full of concrete. Very messy.

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Been looked by a few tree service companies, (boy is there a wide range of interesting folks to choose from), and will be coming down next week. Turns out it is cherry and there are many clotches and joint that may 'turn' out well. Any suggestions on storing,drying and when to begin turning on recently downed wood?

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