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I was wondering if there is alot of info in the dvd a simple finish that as a guild member I havent already seen. I have been watching alot of stuff on finishing and I am trying to find the best way to apply for me. what are some of the ways and what stuff does everyone use? also how do you apply

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Hey Jim. I have never gone into the level of detail in any video, that I go into on the DVD....for obvious reasons. So while you may pick up on things I've said or demonstrated before, the DVD is really focused on all the details of that one specific process, and how to get the best results from it. But I don't want that to stop other from chiming in about their favorite materials and methods.

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I've been spraying finish for the last twenty years or so, automotive gun and more recently HVLP. Once the learning curve is passed you receive excellent results.

Just for something different I decided to try Marc's video and the first project after watching the video resulted in an excellent quality finish.

The major differences for me were;

With the wipe-on finish I didn't have to spend any time setting up or cleaning up the spray equipment.

Application took a longer time (two to three times)

Finish appears to be closer to the wood (not as much film build)

All things considered I'll use it on a lot of projects in the future.

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