Harbor Freight DC - can it pull through 6" pipe?

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On 2/9/2020 at 12:33 PM, dvanvleet said:

So, I've had the HF DC for like 15 years and mine has gone through several "modifications", but I can tell you the three best things I did were to 1) add a pleated filter, which you did 2) Add a Super Dest Deputy 3) Swap out the impeller. Rikon makes a 12" impeller that is a direct replacement. When I did this, I also cut my inlet hole bigger, to 6" (so I guess that's 4 things). It is a totally different machine now. I run it to my SupMax 19/38 drum sander, 15" planer and 12" joiner and leave all the blast gates open. 

You cut the inlet hole to 6”.  Did you use the 5” SDD or the 6” SDD XL? What about the outlet hole from your DC to the cyclone? Did you modify that to 6”? I would like to use the 6” SDD XL... Thanks

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I used a 6" HVAC Flange that I riveted to fan body once I cut the hole. I have a small section of flex pipe, less than a foot, that then goes to my cyclone.

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