Spring loaded drawer slides?

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Okay so on my night stand project I would like to include a "secret" "false" drawer to hold a home defense pistol.

My first question, is there a product out there that offers spring loaded drawer slides?

I have created a guide rod and a spring to push the drawer open... (Attached file)

The problem I am having is creating a hidden latch to hold the drawer closed and allow the spring to decrompress to push the door open.

I have contemplated a doweling system through the top that will need a demo before it is incorporated into the project but it is in the file.

I will explain how it works. There is a dowel (size to be determined). The dowel will be cut into two segments. The first dowel into the hole will protrude through the bottom of the top and hold the drawer closed. The second dowel will go on top of the first and protrude through the TOP of the TOP. When this dowel is pressed it will push the first dowel through the hole and fall out... causing the drawer to open.

I have thought of magnets and the magnetic glass door latches but thinking those will not be strong enough.

Any thoughts?

Second nightstand.skp

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what about having a "short drawer" and a flip/slide down side panel that faces the bed. you can mortise magnets, etc. to hold it in place. you flip/slide the side panel down to reveal the drawer cavity and the weapon is located in the void behind the drawer. i would imagine you would want the opening/access mechanism to be silent and fool proof. that would be tough to achieve with a spring loaded design. i'm assuming this is for a hand gun, will it be loaded with the safety on, or will you also have some type of trigger lock as well?

the simplest design is the surest. of course you could always incorporate some puzzle box feature to deter unwanted access by children, but it can't be too complicated as too delay your access in a jam.

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Weapon will be loaded and safety on. There are never any children at my house. I am confident in my situation to have a loaded weapon in the house. It is not the first.

I will work with the flip down style but I would love to problem solve the locking mechanism on the spring loaded hidden drawer.

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looks like a "push to open" fixture. you push in, the catch releases and the system pops open. except when it doesn't because some force orthogonal to the axis of action results in the 'catch' hanging up.

if there's no kids to worry about a simple hidden drawer/compartment is a great idea. actually i'm going to have to borrow this idea, it's so much more sophisticated than stowing a glock in the sock drawer, lol!

my dad was a cop for 30 years and loves to tell the story of the guy that heard a noise, grabbed his S&W 38 from the sock drawer and got the drop on the guy breaking into his home. the burglar starts laughing his ass off because there's a little white ankle high sock dangling off the end of the gun. he asks the guy if he's going to shoot him with his gym sock and the homeowner gets so distracted by this that the robber dives out the open window and got away.

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Here is a schematic of the installation. It acts like a spring. Flush the drawer panel so no one can grab and pull where really all you have to do is push and the drawer comes out


If you make one as well let me know what it turns out like. I will be beginning my project in a week or two.

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