Attaching a headboard panel to the posts

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Do you think I can attach a 24"w x 60" lg headboard panel in between the posts using biscuits?  No real shear force acting on it.  I was also going to do the same with the headboard stringer and the foot board rail.  These will share the weight of the queen mattress with the side rails.



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I wouldn't do it. Biscuits just don't get deep enough and have the surface area for a strong glue bond. What is the panel made of ? Solid wood will expand and contract across the width. Plywood might work if it was glued into a deep enough dado. Most headboard panels are joined with mortice and tenon joints.

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When I was an inexperienced woodworker I did something similar to what you are doing.  I didn't use biscuits, only had a pocket hole jig so I did 5 pocket holes on each side with some glue.  It has held up just fine over the years.  I will say that my back panel was made from 3/4" ply with some fancier wood over that.  

If I were to do it over again...I might try and do a stopped dado or sliding dovetail.

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